Me, myself & I.

I, Kai Paludan-Müller am a curious soul, seeking out challenges in changing and shaping society through innovation. By having an involving and strategic approach to the processes of the Fuzzy Front End I help assuring that the outcome is relevant to both the actual users and the client's business.

A human being

Born in Japan and growing up mostly in Denmark, trying to understand cultural diversity is part of my DNA. Needless to say, I am fluent in Danish and Japanese as well as English. Conversational level in German. Currently located mostly in Copenhagen, Denmark. As of today I would describe myself as a curious yet structured opportunist with an urge to make tomorrow even better than today. Flexible, ambitious, persistent, and earger to learn.

... with an academic background

I obtained my bachelors degree in civil engineering within Design and Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark in 2016. Currently enrolled with The KaosPilots, my educational experience has been revolving around Design Thinking, providing me with frameworks and methodologies for creative, systematic and technical approaches to problem solving.

A user-involving prototyper

Prototyping techniques can be useful when taking both aspects of technology,  business, and the actual users into account during the development process of any given product or service. With hands-on experience in participatory design using co-creation and ideation workshops, early stage pretotyping, usability testing, and advanced prototyping, testing the idea within a minimal amount of time is my biggest strength.

... who embrases the process

A successful product or service is more likely to be born through a successful development process. Using Design Thinking as the framework, I have gained great experience in iterational development processes. Defining the specific problem or challenge as the starting point and navigating through stages such as user research, ideation, testing, idea evaluation and selection, conceptualization, concept and business model development is what I am passionate about.

Me in figures and numbers

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Experience in Physical Design

Rapid Prototyping (3D-printing & Laser Cutting)


Electronic Prototyping (Arduino & Raspberry Pi based)




Technical Drawing


Sketching & Marker Rendering


Design of Plastic Product Manufacturing Tools


Experience in Software

CAD (PTC Creo & SolidWorks)

Microsoft Excel

HTML & CSS (programming)

CMS (Sitecore, Drupal & WordPress)

Graphic Design (Adobe InDesign & Illustrator)

Python (programming)


A selected range of current and previous projects.

Developing a diverse variety of ideas and concepts as part of coursework as well as private projects has given me experience in solving very real challenges. All presented projects has been developed keeping Design Thinking in mind as the overall framework.